Entrepreneurship the way forward

  1. Entrepreneurship is a great equalizer of destiny and it is a sure way for a better life for those who were not advantaged with formal education
  2. Entrepreneurship is open for everybody, its one area where one is not asked for a long CV or referees or eight years working experience
  3. Entrepreneurship offers freedom and flexibility that no formal employment can ever offer.
  4. Entrepreneurship grants the security of ownership that no Job can ever offer; with a job, you are never an owner and therefore you are never at home; there is always a day of departure awaiting
  5. Entrepreneurship offers a chance to live behind a legacy that is rare in most forms of employment. With entrepreneurship you can will your enterprise for your children, which is unheard of in any Job
  6. Entrepreneurship grants opportunity for originality. In many workplaces and traditional businesses it more of a work to duplicate or to copy or at the very worst, just to buy and sell. Every time a person restricts himself to buying and selling without any form of value addition, so much originality is lost.
  7. In entrepreneurship new ideas flourish, entrepreneurship grants us the privilege to experience and enjoy new ideas. The diversity of new innovations and the multiplicity in which they come makes it a worthwhile venture. Imagine if all houses were one design! (you have to select from a few ancient ones)